Quality Assurance

Implement a broad range of activities that cover test automation planning, tool analysis, maintenance, and test script deployment in order to expedite total test coverage with the highest level of quality.

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Software Automation 

With our test automation services, you can significantly speed up and structure your test processes and get reliable solutions.The best method to improve the efficacy, productivity, and coverage of your software testing is through test automation tools. But it's crucial to consider the app when methodically designing, developing, and finishing the final product. Having automated technologies that can capture a specific outcome and compare it to the intended result promotes greater speed and quick performance. Our automated testing strives to deliver clients' goods considerably more quickly and attractively. Our extensive automation testing suite automatically tests mobile applications on a variety of platforms and devices

Performance Testing

We affirm that your item withstands bottlenecks and puts forward bug-free and quick Apps ahead of your clients in arrange that they never indeed think to uninstall it. Our wide determination of execution testing administrations will help you discharge the best adaptation of your App to wrap up clients. By choosing our wide range of performance testing services, you will ensure faster application start up time, better battery usage, better memory usage, much better response time, good network performance and compatibility.

Manual Testing Services

Manual testing is a sort of software testing in which test cases are manually run by a tester without the use of any automated technologies. Manual testing is used to find bugs, faults, and flaws in software applications. Manual software testing is the most fundamental of all testing methods, and it aids in the detection of serious problems in software applications. "100% Automation is not achievable," according to one of the Software Testing Fundamentals. This necessitates manual testing.

Security Testing

MAX STACK LABS Security Testing and web application penetration testing uncovers vulnerabilities in applications, ensures your application risks are minimized, and benchmarks your software code for increased quality assurance.. Our security testing services for various industry verticals & businesses secure their online security, resulting in a strong brand reputation & customer loyalty.

API Testing

In a highly competitive world like today the benefits of outsourcing your testing projects are indeed many. Outsourcing your API Testing Services can help you to work with the experts in this domain who will leverage the best tools to perform top-quality testing so that you get high-yielding products. This can in turn increase your business productivity and help you to achieve an edge over your competitors. This reduces effort and also helps us to save time and deliver results faster. We use automated API testing to perform dynamic testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing, error testing, and regression testing.

Mobile Automation

With the versatile cross-platform testing framework Appium, developers can use the same API to create test scripts for a variety of platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android. Appium mobile testing is essential to meet the expectations of quick and accurate testing that covers a range of platforms, devices, and versions. In comparison to alternative testing techniques, the widely used Appium offers more practicality, flexibility, and cost-friendliness, empowering teams to produce excellent user experiences while utilising the continuous delivery methodology.